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German Volkswagen Golf will use Dewey's Magnesium Alloy Whee

2019-07-09 09:28

Recently, Magnesium alloy wheels manufactured by Dewey Co., Ltd. have been assembled in Volkswagen Germany for the Golf GTI model, which will be launched in 2020.


Since May last year, Dewey shares docked with German Volkswagen. After technical communication, product drawings design, sample production, bench test, road test and other links, the forged magnesium alloy hub manufactured by Dewey Co. Ltd. was formally applied to the German Volkswagen Golf GTI model on May 29 this year.
This cooperation with German Volkswagen Company is not only the first order signed by Dewey Stock and foreign main engine factories, but also the first global supply of forged magnesium alloy hub to main engine factories. "This loading is a new breakthrough in magnesium alloy hub industry, which indicates that forged magnesium alloy hub has opened up the equipment channel of automobile main engine factory. I believe that more automobile main engine manufacturers will choose Dewey shares in the future." Sun Zhongbiao, chairman of Dewey Stock Co., Ltd.
Dewey shares can customize magnesium alloy automobile wheels of various sizes, patterns and colors according to customer needs.
Magnesium alloy hub has the advantages of light weight, high strength, good heat dissipation and good safety compared with traditional material hub. Because of the shock absorption of magnesium alloy materials, the shock absorption of automobiles using magnesium alloy wheels will be enhanced, and the bump will be reduced and the comfort will be improved when the road is not stable.


Sun Zhongbiao introduced that German Volkswagen Golf GTI is equipped with 19-inch hubs. If the traditional aluminum hubs are used, the weight of a single hub is about 13.75 kg, while the forged magnesium alloy hubs produced by Dewey shares are only 7.5 kg, which reduces the weight by nearly half. "According to the theory of'mass under spring', a reduction of 1 kilogram under spring is equivalent to a reduction of 15 kilograms in driving control." Sun Zhongbiao said that the weight reduction can also reduce energy consumption and save energy, and the rate of oil (electricity) saving can reach 8% - 18%.
It is understood that the forging technology of magnesium alloy wheels produced by one-step forward and backward extrusion forging in Dewei Stock Company is the only patented technology of magnesium alloy wheels that can be industrialized and mass produced in China. "Magnesium alloy is a green engineering material in the 21st century. It is the future development trend that magnesium alloy automobile hub replaces aluminum alloy automobile hub." Sun Zhongbiao said that the choice of magnesium alloy wheels by automobile manufacturers is also an inevitable choice for the future development of the automotive industry.