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Iraqi University's development of automated automotive mirro

2019-07-09 09:30

According to foreign media reports, if the Automised Mirror Testing Machine developed by three students at Iqra University can get funding from the government, the solution may revolutionize the automotive industry. The three students were Syed Abu Talib Naqvi, Muhammad Shamshirur Rehman and Abu Hurairah Mehboob. They were students of mechanical engineering. Three people spent 9 months developing a mechanical device, which can automatically test the rear view mirror of the self driving car and identify faults.

伊拉克大学研发自动化汽车镜测试装置 可缩减一半时间

At present, the test of the self driving car's rearview mirror is carried out manually. If automation can be realized, it can reduce the time of half the time and make the output of the automobile mirror double. The team will demonstrate its project at Stanford International University in Thailand on September 7.

In 2017, Naqvi worked as an intern in a Private Companies for the production of mirrors for autopilot cars. He looked closely at the production process and understood each stage of the production process in detail, but what bothered him was that there was no infallible way to test the quality of automotive mirrors.
Generally speaking, automotive mirrors are assembled from 8 to 10 parts. The final stage is that workers have to rotate the mirror on the axis of the mirror to manually test whether the mirror fits. The process is time-consuming, and ultimately the company can't identify the potential cause of mirror failure. In order to find the cause of the failure, the company must open every part of the mirror assembly.
Sometimes, the automobile mirror passed the test stage and was sent to a car company to install on the autopilot car. At this point, the mirror may not work, and then have to be sent back to the mirror manufacturer, who still does not know where the problem is, but also affects the image of the manufacturer. Therefore, Naqvi hopes to develop a device that can test the function of automotive mirrors and automatically identify their faults.
Three Iraqi university students chose sensors made in Pakistan to produce their automated automotive mirror testing machines. The sensors they use cost about 1 200 rubles (about 131.95 yuan) and 1 500 rubles (about 164.94 yuan), while similar sensors imported from other countries need 3 500 rubles (about 384.86 yuan). But the indicator of the machine is imported from China. The indicator will beep and send out light signal at the failure point of the automobile mirror. At present, Japan and Korea have similar automatic automotive mirror testing machines, but the price is about 2.9 million rubles (about 318,900 RMB), but the machines developed by students only need 150,000 rubles (about 16,500 RMB), which is nearly 20 times lower than the price of products on the international market.
The automated car mirror tester will be able to completely change the production of autopilot. The machine can test the single mirror in only 30 seconds, while manual testing takes about 1 minutes and 10 seconds to reduce the test time by half. In addition, the machine can help reduce labor costs and benefit manufacturers. Moreover, the machine can also record the production of mirrors. It has two modes: manual mode and automatic mode. Even if the automatic mode encounters problems, the machine can still be used.